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Welcome to the Kidivite Moms section.

We keep nutrition simple and focus on the basics.

We know you are busy and juggling between parenting, work and family! The tools and products we have here is for the whole family as it plays an important role in the learning process. Dad’s too can get involved!

  • Did you know that most children don’t eat a balanced meal?
  • Did you know that over 80% of children don’t eat enough of the healthy foods their body needs for proper nourishment? This can affect their concentration and learning ability in school.
  • Did you know that more and more children are overweight today? This can lead to a lifetime of health problems including diabetes or heart disease.

With Kidivite Moxies, we believe that prevention through early education is the best treatment. Understanding nutrition at a young age will give your children the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices throughout their lives.


Get basic Guides to help you to understand nutrition for your kids better!

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Recipes to Try

Try out healthy recipes for your children and family

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Fun Kids Activities

Download colour charts and other activities for your children

Earn Moxies

How to earn Moxies and use them to purchase products online – FREE!

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