What to Expect here!

This is your one stop site for fun nutrition, games for kids, interactive tools and tips for parents, healthcare educators and teachers to promote healthy living for the whole family.

Fun – Every learning environment should be fun, entertaining and amusing for the children and families alike. Kidivite Moxies embrace the idea of Fun… Each with its own attributes that make them funny, comical and hilarious. Instead of thinking just thinking of a carrot, think of Cate the Carrot, Shaka the Strawberry, etc.

Stories – The art of storytelling and using characters to assist in personifying the message is at the heart of Kidivite.  Each of the characters tell a story. Not just of the fruit or vegetable, but of good nutrition; how to achieve it, maintain it and its importance.

Education – Knowledge and education on nutrition is possibly the best ammunition that each family, mom and child has to influence their health based on good nutritional habits.

Engaging – Our site provides a FREE and interactive platform that provides tools and tips to mums and educators to promote healthy living for the whole family.

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