Fundamentals in understanding Toddlers & Childhood appetite

Picky Eaters

Children between the ages of 1 and 5 years of age are often “picky eaters”. The mean age is between 3 years and more pronounced in girls than boys. They go through phases where they want to eat and at times they’ve completely lost their appetite. Unless prolonged and coupled with vitamin deficiencies, this is normal and correlates with varying changes in the child’s growth rate.

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What is the best way to cope with my fussy eater?

Most toddlers go through a phase of only eating a few particular foods. This is a normal part of their development. It’s partly because of something called food neophobia, which is a fear of new foods. Many toddlers experience this around the age of two. Rest assured, this is a phase, and it will pass. … Read more What is the best way to cope with my fussy eater?

Understanding Your Child’s Appetite

Early childhood is a critical period of development. During this time, children develop eating habits that will influence their relationships with food for a lifetime. Toddlers are often picky or refuse to eat altogether, making mealtime a real challenge. But there are practical tips to help children establish healthy eating habits. Your child refuses to … Read more Understanding Your Child’s Appetite