School Subscription to Moxies Fruits and Veggies Program

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Thanks for enrolling your School to the Moxies Fruits and Veggies Program. 

The goal of this campaign is to educate our children through fun and engaging characters (Moxies) on different varieties of Fruits and Veggies. Such knowledge will form a strong foundation for good nutrition and healthy habits.

  • Kidivite® Moxies are Characters named from A-Z with their names starting with the letters of the Alphabet.
    • Each Letter in the Alphabet has the name of a Character and is associated with a Fruit or Vegetable
    • g. Alex the Apple, Ben the Banana, Cate the Carrot, Thandi the Tomato etc.
  • While they are learning the Letter land, Children learn more about these characters.
    • Association is made between the Characters and the Fruits or Vegetables.
    • In addition, the Character has traits and qualities that are similar/resonate with the actual Fruit or Vegetable to make it more memorable.
    • This helps the child to learn a whole range of Fruits and Vegetables available for their good nutrition and health.