Vision and Mission1

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Our Vision (Why)

With ESSENTIALS Kidivite, our vision is to create healthy generation through good nutrition. We empower Children and Families through education on good nutrition to help them make healthy decisions every day.

Mission (How)

To achieve our goals, we have created a fun, educative and engaging platform for Kids, Mothers and Schools to learn more about different fruits and vegetables.

Kidivite Moxies page is the fun place to learn about and LOVE good nutrition!


We reach out and connect with Kids in a way that they understand and appreciate. Through engaging characters (Kidivite Moxies) we have made it fun, cool and enjoyable for children to learn various fruits and vegetables that make it easy to associate with real world examples.

Families are encouraged to make healthy food choices every day. The best place to get started is with children. Changes in nutrition behavior and habits when developed at an early age, will stay on for a lifetime. The vision is therefore to create life-long eating habits based on knowledge and understanding of good nutrition.

We also work with schools and crèches to promote the learning and knowledge of good nutrition at these three levels i.e. Child, Mom and School.

The Kidivite Moxies not only personify specific fruits and veggies, but also demonstrate healthy eating habits and routines. The characters encourage the understanding and value of good nutrition..[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”grey”][/vc_column][/vc_row]