Kidivite Moxies Club 1

What is Kidivite Moxies Club?

Wellness Habits from an early age!

Kidivite Moxies club is sponsored by Kidivite from Lighthouse Healthcare. Any mom with children up to 12 years old are welcome to join for FREE.

Our Key Objectives are:

  • To Promote healthy eating habits among our Children
  • To promote preventative healthcare and wellness to our children
  • To be the leading wellness kids club in South Africa

What do you get when you join Kidivite Moxies?

  • One of the biggest advantages is the continuous updates and information on healthy eating, wellness and fitness for your children.
  • Every month, we have a hamper give-away worth hundreds of rands and expect you to only pay for shipping & handling.
  • Special coupons to events and activities that provide great synergy with our overall objective – Wellness Habits from an early age!

How to Join?

To get started, enter your details below!

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